Wise Design Choices for Business Cards

Woodstock Ga Wise Business Card ChoicesEven in the digital age, your business card is a powerful first impression tool for networking, acquiring clients and introducing your business.

Your business card is the face of your company. Presented the right way, a business card allows people to quickly remember who you are and what you offer.

Tips to showcase your professionalism:

  1. Remember, generic business cards can make you blend in the crowd when you want to stand out.
  2. Traditional business cards are 3.5 x 2 inches. Odd cuts can be memorable, but make sure the card still easily fits in a wallet.
  3. Choose a design that incorporates your logo and reflects your professional or personal brand for a polished layout.
  4. Your business card should match your website... it’s all about branding. Consistency is key.
  5. Decorative fonts can be difficult and frustrating to read.
  6. Keep font size large enough so potential clients don’t have to wear glasses or squint to read.
  7. For easy reading, print text in dark hues like black, navy or dark gray.
  8. Don’t cram too much information. Stick to covering: who, what, where and why. Utilize white space.
  9. If you conduct business in more than one country, consider printing your design in English on one side, with the other language on the back.
  10. Consider keeping the back of the card clean of print, so the client can jot notes about you and your business.
  11. Avoid glassy finishes. They do look nice, but light bouncing off the card can make it difficult to read and also, people often write notes about you on your business card, glossy finish prohibits this.
  12. Include multiple ways to contact you, like telephone, email, website, social media, text messaging, chose at least two, not more than three.


Statistic Brain Business Card Statistics

Business Card Statistics Data
Company sales increase for every 2,000 cards passed out 2.5 %
Percent of business cards handed out that will be thrown out in less than a week 88 %


Reason given for throwing out business card
Don’t need service provided by card giver 63 %
Don’t want to do business with specific card giver 24 %
Added information into digital contact list 9 %
Other 4 %
Prospective clients hold on to a color card 10 times longer than a standard white card
Opinions Poll on Business Cards Yes No
Survey conducted by Statistic Brain Research Institute online from 842 working professional respondents
Do you judge a company of person by the quality of their business card? 72 % 28 %
Would you choose not to do business with someone if they have a "cheap looking" business card? 39 % 61 %


Article researched and copy written by Laughing Fox Designs, which exists to provide web design and social media support to small businesses that need creative solutions.  ©2017 All Rights Reserved