Weird Stats: What We Do Online

Freaky Facts About All of Us

Apparently, we have no attention span, we decide company’s credibility based purely on web design, and we are really not into Groupon or discount programs.
More than a quarter of us don’t interact on our social media at all… we just watch… we LOVE to watch videos… but only 2-minute ones because well, that short attention span thing
… and more than 75% of us are watching Facebook videos without any sound on.

  • The average online shopper’s attention span is 8 seconds. B2B Marketing Insider
  • 75% of users base your entire company’s credibility on your website’s design. Veopix Design
  • Only 23% of social media users are registered users for “daily deals” services like Groupon. WishPond
  • 34% of social media users do not ever post, some are silent observers (those who just watch and absorb). Veopix Design
  • Approximately 40% of American people only hear about tweets through traditional mass media. WishPond
  • Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs. WordStream
  • 2 minute videos long get the most engagement. WordStream
  • 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. WordStream

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