Three Tips to Personalizing Business Checks

A plethora of online sites offer affordable checks for your business

To simplify the process, we have a bit of footwork for you and came up with a list of the most commonly pondered thoughts business owners struggle with when creating business checks.

1.      Branding

      Do I need to include my company logo?

A company logo is consistent with the element of branding.

The flip side is that, in our research, we located zero online check companies that allow you to use your own branding logo, the one you use on your business cards, advertising etc.

Our advice? If you can import and utilize your own logo at a reasonable price, fabulous! If not, pass, as currently available logos tend to consist of a few not particularly attractive generic stock logos.

The only advantage to stock graphics is they can provide a visual confirmation if you are handing several business checking accounts, otherwise, we found no value in their use.

      Color Scheme

While color is important to style element, it should either compliment you current branding style or be traditional blue, while or green background.


2.      Text Over Signature Line

Appearing above the signature line, next to your bank name, the text over signature line offers you the option to add in an inspirational, religious quote, or text that uplifts or defines your companies happy and beneficial relationship and value.

For example, this author uses for her web design company: Your Website, Our Creative Passion

It defines what the business does in an exciting way, letting freelancers or graphic designers (receiving payment for helping us provide services to our clients), know their passionate and creativity is a appreciated and integral in what we do.

It also triggers bank personal to remember not only what kind of business you do, but also adds a spark of excitement about the company, so it stays foremost in their mind when they recall people they know in this line of service. Who knows? You may pick up more referrals with that simple trick, this writer has.


3.      Should You Include Your EIN?

No. Although EINs are on Public Record and viewable on your Secretary of State business directory, it is much like your Social Security number, in that someone can use it to open a line of credit in your company name.

Small Business Chron warns against Illegal Employee Use of EIN number:

“Another potential danger exists with employees who illegally use your EIN to obtain tax-free wholesale goods. While the employee may use her own money to pay for the goods, your company still is listed as the recipient of the products. You may not be aware your employee is buying goods for personal use if she requests separate billing statements.”

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