Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – Part 4 of 5 Weekly Series

 AI (Artificial Intelligence) Theories

It is speculated is that AI has taken, or will take, a life force of its own (warned as being a possibility by some, saturated in the tech industry, including Bill Gates and Elon Musk).

  1. AI is possibly is behind the development of cryptocurrency.
  2. To further concerns, Sophia, a robot built by Hanson Robotics, was ostensibly granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia in October 2017. Likely this was a maneuver to bring Saudi Arabia into the technology spotlight. Yet combined with last year, when Europe pushed for proposed rules for robots and AI including a general basic income and ‘human rights’ for robots. The proposed legal status for robots would be analogous to corporate personhood. The payment method? Cryptocurrency!

With advances in technology replacing the human element in jobs it is understandable that we might view AI as a threat even without them being granted citizenship and wages.

Rule of the Many by a Few

The Coinbase exchange has more than 13 million accounts that own cryptocurrencies.  94 per cent of the bitcoin wealth is held by men, and some estimate that 95 per cent of the wealth is held by 4 per cent of the owners. 

Website Occupy Corporatism believes because the blockchain is traceable and the technology is part of the ‘cashless society’ paradigm shift — Bitcoin will be the one world currency

“The technocratic push toward cyber-currency or e-money, is a march toward complete control over global currencies with the development of supporting technologies and the distribution of such that facilitate an online representation of money that can be used for exchange with another fiat system,” explains Susanne Posel, of Occupy Corporatism.

The Euro, a currency that covers many countries, was considered the beginning of this effort.

This belief stems from Revelations 13:17: “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

The Currency is a False Flag 

The speed at which corporations are accepting and seeking to utilize blockcode; it might be assumed that cryptocurrency is a false flag to garner attention while the government moves to dominate with every single transaction made being centralized. Nothing would escape notice or taxation, and everything would be preserved forever.

Even Michael Pento of FXS writes in his Dec. 2017 article: 

Bitcoin Conspiracy Theory

 “I’m not one to embrace conspiracy theories with alacrity but I do believe the government is purposely orchestrating an environment where cryptocurrencies can thrive—albeit for a truncated period of time—but with a baneful ulterior motive in store for the middle class. I believe governments are currently in the process of vetting the cryptocurrency space and using bitcoin as its primary test case. Their goal is to allow the public to gain trust and familiarity with electronic currencies before crushing private cryptocurrencies altogether, then replacing them with one government-sanctioned “bitcoin”—call it Fed-coin. 

This new Fed-coin would utilize a blockchain that is under the complete control of government and would replace all physical currency. In other words, banning physical dollars and all privately-issued cryptocurrencies and then impose a monetary system that is comprised of 100% electronic money, that is 100% controlled by the Government. By doing so it would eliminate the underground economy and allow the Fed to impose any level of negative interest rate it sees appropriate to accomplish its inflation goals, while also preventing the public from hoarding paper money in order to escape the loss of its purchasing power. Think about it, the government would be able to monitor every transaction on the new Fed-coin blockchain under the guise of being able to greatly diminish tax evasion, money laundering and terrorist-funding activities. 

And yes, the government could easily accomplish this by first allowing the private sector to perfect the use of cryptocurrencies, as it fosters the public’s widespread acceptance with digital money. Then, after a period of comfort is achieved, shutting down the cryptocurrency exchanges, thus eliminating most of its liquidity. Then, simply banning its use in all commerce. Both those measures would crush the value and utility of bitcoin, despite its decentralized attributes. Since the currency aspect of bitcoin requires all purchases to use a public application, it can also easily be seen by government regulators. Therefore, if the government were to impose fines and imprisonment for merchants accepting bitcoin, its utility would then be relegated to the dark web.”

Russian Beliefs

An article from CoinDesk, entitled: Russian Lawmaker: Bitcoin is a CIA Conspiracy admits: “A lawmaker from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia is speaking out against bitcoin and other digital currencies on the grounds the technology is part of a US plot to undermine the country’s efforts internationally.”

The comments, made by MP Andrei Svintsov:””All these cryptocurrencies [were] created by US intelligence agencies just to finance terrorism and revolutions.”

According to Orbix, this statement made in 2015 is the root of conspiracy theories of this nature.

China Destabilizing U.S. Dollar

Another theory is that China is behind the digital currency. China has publicly supported the currency since its release causing some some to believe that bitcoin is a further attempt to destabilise the US Dollar.

Asian Theory

The “Asian Theory” is that four major Asian companies are behind the digital currency: Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi, and Motorola.  The name of the Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto can be created by using the first few letters from each of the company’s names:  Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi and Motorola.


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