Why Telemarketers Are Ringing Your Mobile Number

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Did you know?

  1. It is illegal to make automated calls or send texts without your permission.
  2. Cold callers must put you on their “Do Not Call” list if you ask.


How You Ended Up on THE LIST

You Answered the Phone

Normally the phone rings and you inadvertently pick up.

In frustration you hear an automated message and slam down the phone.

Too late. You just verified your presence a live warm body capable of answering the phone.

Or, caught on a good day, you got a call to complete a “marketing survey” which would “only take a minute or two” but drug on till you ended up abruptly cutting off the call.

You just spoke to their “warm-up man”. Your name, phone number, information, and preferences are now in the marketing lead generation system and will be resold over and over again.

You are now a “hot” prospect.

 According to Yahoos Tony Levene of LoveMoney, if any time in your past you did the following, you are in their database:

 You Opted-In to Receiving Further Details from Third Parties

Of the total amount of data purchased, this constitutes 60%

You Signed Up for Emails, Newsletters, Or Joined a Campaign

40% of data originates from leads including tailor-made telemarketing campaigns, email bulletins, email campaigns and referrals.

A “Friend” Sold You Out to Get a Discount Or “Free Item”

When you next get a call you think is cold, it isn’t. It’s piping hot and most likely from one of the sources above.

Here are a few other things you may have done to land on the list:

You Ticked the Tricky Box

Those little boxes you’re asked to tick (or not tick) when you’re buying online or signing up to something?

Sometimes ticking means they will share your details with marketers.

Sometimes it means they won’t.

Other times you’re asked to tick two different boxes on the same page and one is a “can” tick but the other is a “can’t”.

You Replied to a Marketing Text

If the message was from a company you trust or a five-digit number, replying ‘STOP’ should have done the trick.

If it’s from anyone else ignore it.

Replying confirms your number is valid and your phone number is now in the marketing lead generation system and will be resold over and over again.

Next time block the call.



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