SlingShot Process


Business Plan Templates - Pivotal Performance ProcessesSometimes business issues arise that cause you to lose sleep, to stress out during the time you should be relaxing. Sometimes it can feel as though the strategies that got your business to the highest position in its history don’t seem to be working anymore. You keep going back to the drawing board. Should I network more, should I get more sales, should I create a new product or heavily push the current one? Your current strategies and ideas are not working out the way you hoped they would, and you know you could use some help.

Pivotal keeps popping up when you are looking for a place to turn for help.

Your tie with Pivotal lasts 2 ½ – 3 days, and afterwards you have a new direction and a new strategy. You find that once you implement the ideas gained in your time with Pivotal you are able to propel your business to heights past where you thought previously possible.