Pivotal Point Indicator Process

Pivotal Point Indicators (PPI)™

business growth SpeedometerBefore you got started in your business you knew a couple things for sure. One being that having over a million dollars in revenue you were sure to be successful; that you and all your employees would thrive and prosper. You worked hard, built a team and product that allowed you to reach your way over that golden seven-figure mark. But things haven’t played out like you previously thought they would. By KPIs, your business should be performing well, but something is missing in those measurements, as their predicted result is not what occurs. You continue to try and use these KPIs to no avail, and start looking for a new way to measure the success of your business.

Looking for a place to start you turn to Pivotal where you discover they have a method for coming up with a unique indicator for the success and growth of your business that they call a Pivotal Performance Indicator™ (PPI). Going through the process takes 30-90 days and you find Pivotal looks at everything from financials, goals, resources, to capacity and value position.

Early in the process you receive a unique, specially tailored indicator based on your scarcest resource and most effective opportunity for growth. By the end of your time you will also receive strategies and help implementing your Pivotal Performance Indicator and see results from it, allowing you to ReFocus your energy and efforts, ReTool your resources and capabilities and provide a stable ground for future growth and success.