PitStop Process


Grow Business PitStop90% of your day is perfect. You wake up excited to go to work and build your business. You look for ways to help improve yourself, and your employees, family, friends and community. You find yourself being able to meet most of your goals as you go on throughout the day. But there are a couple of nagging issues in your day, such as feeling your time is not being used as efficiently as it could, your day to day operations feel as though they could use improvement, your financials are not exactly where you expect them to be, or you can’t connect as well to your employees as you would like.

Looking for help you ask around and discover Pivotal, where they tell you that you would be a perfect candidate for a PitStop™ session.

You come in and for the next hour and a half to three hours, Pivotal clarifies the issues that are troubling you and your business, and helps to identify specific solutions. After implementing the solutions that were uncovered in your session, your days are back to running as smoothly and efficiently as they possibly can while you get the total enjoyment of your day back.