Online Selling Alternatives

Looking around for lucrative online marketplaces? Here are the top four!

#4. Amazon

Amazon is the only network comparable to eBay in size. Amazon's massive customer base ensures huge traffic volume, and Amazon’s built-in algorithm markets for you, recommending your products to the most interested people, based on their search histories.

Amazon is a more traditional online retail setup.


  • Amazon allows you to list for free.
  • There is a 99 cent per item charge AFTER the sale.


Amazon calls its commission fees “Referral Fees’ and depending on which “category” the sold item falls under, you will pay 8% to 45%, though most items fall in the 15% referral fee categories. See Amazons Referral Fees Chart

#3. eBay

Since 1995, eBay has held its place as one of the largest marketplaces in the world. EBay, unless you are using the “Buy It Now” feature, remains an auction place.


  • You can list 20 things free each month.
  • For anything over the 20 items free count, the basic fee to list an item is a flat 35 cents per item.
  • Each listing lasts 10 days.


  • At the end of each sale, eBay takes a 9% commission (called Final Value Fees or FVF) of the price of every sold item including postage.
  • If you are accepting money from customers through PayPal, PayPal then charges 2.9% of the payment received.
  • In addition, PayPal charges a 30 cent transaction fee.

#2. Etsy

Etsy is a direct online sales site catering to the handmade, vintage or boutique niche, making it unique.


  • Etsy charges only a small listing fee of 20 cents per item
  • Etsy listings last 4 months (vs. eBays 10 days).


A 3.5 fixed commission makes Etsy favorable for sellers in that unique niche.

#1. FaceBook Marketplace

Over 450 million people visit FaceBooks buy-and-sell groups each month. Launched in October 2016, FaceBook Marketplace is taking the place of eBay for many online sellers. There are many local groups and categories to list your product in.

Although it is like CraigsList, in the fact you will be meeting or dealing with local buyers, you have the distinctive option to view their profiles online and decide ahead of time if this is an individual you feel comfortable interacting with.


No listing charges.


No commission fees.

online selling marketplaces


Although it is true that they are highly targeted to passionate buyers within that niche, niche specific sites are much smaller networks than eBay, seriously limiting your traffic.

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