An Often-Overlooked Step in Network Development

networking tiersIdentifying Your Network

A simple and frequently overlooked step in network development is recognizing that people within your network are not all in tandem. It’s important to break your network into tiers so you can begin to address them all at a level of intimacy appropriate to their relationship with you and develop a well-rounded network.

Break Your Network into Three Tiers

  1. The Critical Few – These are people whose presence in your career is tangible and valuable.

Of the Critical Few there are three majors: 1. Co-workers – In similar place on a similar path, you share resources, opportunities and information. 2. Mentors and Coaches – Having reached the level of success you aspire to, they help you make decisions and give objective perspectives while inspiring you with their journey. 3. Customers.

Make sure to keep regular contact; know their interests and follow up with them around these. You will want to connect with them three or four times a year on a personal level.

  1. The Potentials – These are contacts that you believe could potentially could help with your career, although you don’t know them well enough to socialize yet.

Stay in contact by directly sending them things of interest two or three times a year so you stay on their radar.

  1. Everyone Else- Everyone else can be the remaining 5,000 to 10,000 people.

Engage with them, in your interesting and charming way, through social media and a monthly newsletter or instructional videos.



Stat Fact: LinkedIn’s 2016 survey revealed 85% of all jobs are filled via networking.


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