How do you charge your cell phone quicker?

charge cell phone fastNothing is worse than noticing your cell phone battery is running low right before time to make those business calls!

Hopefully you will catch it ahead of time and when you do, employing the following methods can help you get that charge faster and possibly get you out of a pinch in a hurry!

How do you charge your cell phone quicker?

Airplane Mode

One of the biggest draws of cell phone batteries is the network signal.

You may have seen confirmation of this yourself if you have ever been in an area with spotty coverage, and watched your cell phone burn through its battery charge at an exceptionally high rate as it works incessantly to find that signal.

Activating airplane mode before charging your phone suspends radio-frequency signal transmission and reduces the time needed for a full charge by as much as 25 percent.

Another simple solution is to turn the cell phone off while charging.

What to Plug Into

Wall socket charging is the best choice with an output of 1A.

Avoid USB ports, like those on computers or in cars; they only provide a power output of 0.5A.

Avoid wireless chargers, if you need to charge in a hurry. They charge about the speed of USB ports. This is because energy transfer via simple contact is not as efficient as energy transferred through a cable.

Power Banks can be lifesavers. Most offer the same output as a wall socket. Some even offer 2A output which is terrific, just make sure your USB cable can handle that.

Remove the Phone Case

Lithium-ion batteries work most efficiently when the battery is cool.

Use a Quality Cable

A standard, and less expensive 28-gauge cable carries about 0.5 amps.

Larger, and slightly more expensive 24-gauge cables can carry 2 amps.


Another simple solution is to have more than one battery and try and keep them both charged by periodically, when your cell phone is full, switching the full battery out for the spare to make sure it stays fresh.


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