Georgia Business License Facts

Engaged in business refers to a person or entity engaged in a trade, occupation, profession, or other commercial enterprise for gain or profit.

business licenseConducting business, full or part time, either at a commercial or residential location including home-based businesses requires a current Occupation Tax Certificate, better known as a Business License. A business license provides proof that the individual, partnership, corporation/LLC paid the tax required by the county to conduct business or perform services in exchange for pay.

The Annual Cost for a business license in the State of Georgia is $50.

Individuals can register either under their name, or under an established LLC or entity.

Yearly Renewal is done Online. Visit the Georgia Secretary of State website for registration or follow up questions.

Operating without a license means you may be denied a license in the future. The government does not come padlock your doors though, but, if they see you have not complied with closing as instructed, they impose fines, fees and penalties.

Business Licenses are non-transferable.

Some professions are overseen by a state board, in which case you may to obtain a specific state license. For a list of boards to apply online to, look here:


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