Don’t Call A Meeting, When You Could Send an Email Instead

One of the powers of email is it allows quick and versatile communications. Team members can quickly digest and respond to messages on their schedule. This prevents having to book meetings that interrupt everyone’s work and schedules.

Four Easy Ways to Tell if a Meeting Should Have Been an Email

  1. Not all team members can attend
  2. The meeting was someone giving a monologue.
  3. The meeting was one long FYI.
  4. A meeting to read documents to a group…should have been an email

 Meetings are for conversations, debate, and decisions; not recitations, and announcements.

****Side Note***

Mandatory Meetings – Makes you feel like you’ve been subpoenaed to court right? There’s a reason for that.

The definition of mandatory according to the dictionary is: adj.1. Required or commanded by authority

Who has the authority or power to “mandate? Again, according to the dictionary, a government or body of law.

Consider replacing the word “mandatory” when sending your own emails; (particularly when requesting “mandatory meetings” from lower key groups like scouts or kids’ athletics), lest you too sound like a power mongering cupcake.  :0