Our Processes

In 2012 we realized that cash flow could be improved, often significantly, by taking a more analytic approach to pairing sales activity with capacity utilization. 

By understanding the financial impact resulting from the use of capacity in different scenarios and relating those different scenarios to the planned sales and marketing activity we could develop guidance for business owners as to the most effective combination(s). 

The resulting guidance often puts less pressure on resources, raises the effective price and value, generally doesn't require an increase in sales - but often results in an increase in sales as more resources are available to be used more effectively.

Pivotal Performance Indicators (Tm) were born out of this realization.

Business Plans for Starting Business

90% of your day is perfect. You wake up excited to go to work and build your business. You look for ways to help improve yourself, and your employees, family, friends and community. You find yourself being able to meet most of your goals as you go on throughout the day. But there are a couple of nagging issues in your day, such as feeling your time is not being used as efficiently as it could, your day to day operations feel as though they could use improvement, your financials are not exactly where you expect them to be, or you can’t connect as well to your employees as you would like.

Looking for help you ask around and discover Pivotal, where they tell you that you would be a perfect candidate for a PitStop™ session. 

Business Template Grows Company

Sometimes business issues arise that cause you to lose sleep, to stress out during the time you should be relaxing. Sometimes it can feel as though the strategies that got your business to the highest position in its history don’t seem to be working anymore. You keep going back to the drawing board. Should I network more, should I get more sales, should I create a new product or heavily push the current one? Your current strategies and ideas are not working out the way you hoped they would, and you know you could use some help.

Pivotal keeps popping up when you are looking for a place to turn for help.

Measure Business Success, Woodstock GA

Before you got started in your business you knew a couple things for sure. One being that having over a million dollars in revenue you were sure to be successful; that you and all your employees would thrive and prosper. You worked hard, built a team and product that allowed you to reach your way over that golden seven-figure mark. But things haven’t played out like you previously thought they would. By KPIs, your business should be performing well, but something is missing in those measurements, as their predicted result is not what occurs. You continue to try and use these KPIs to no avail, and start looking for a new way to measure the success of your business.

Looking for a place to start you turn to Pivotal where you discover they have a method for coming up with a unique indicator for the success and growth of your business.