Our Story

Looking for a better way. 
Benefiting from a better way.

Dean Bellmoff, Founder of Pivotal Performance Processes of Woodstock, Georgia

When I look at a business (or a person for that matter), two thoughts come to mind. First, what hidden or underused abilities do they have and how can they be developed? And second, what can they do differently that will enable them to maximize potential?

And so, in an effort to take my passion to the next level, I purchased a small company in 1995. Over the next 19 years I focused my energy to not just build a strong company, but to build a strong leadership team. I continually identified pivotal performance points within the company that we were able to implement that enabled us to see significant increases in sales, profitability, cash flow and business valuation; simultaneously developing the leadership within the company needed to effectively implement these pivotal points.     

Along the way I was also able to put together and develop a team that could best support my desire to help other companies and individuals to achieve their goals. Collectively our team brings over 100 years of experience working in and with businesses from start up to $30 million in sales, operation and sales evaluation, entrepreneurship, tax accounting, domestic and international finance, leadership development, strategy development and management. In addition, I have known the members of my team for at least 22 years, so we are more like a family, (and some of us are family), than just a team.

Now we are excited to be able to share our passion, our ability and our experience with other companies who are looking for ways to meet, or even exceed, their goals. And it is all accomplished in short term engagements!

My team and I look forward to spending time with your key personnel to help make this a pivotal year for your company! Together let’s unlock your full potential!



At Pivotal Performance Processes, we love what we do and who we do it with.