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Here at (P3) we help entrepreneurs and their businesses ($1m - $30m in sales) significantly improve cash flow and cash return on capital 

We have three areas of business:

  1. First, we can provide the entrepreneur with a Pivotal Performance Indicator (PPI) (Tm) through a process which identifies their businesses scarcest resource and leverages their businesses most effective opportunity
  2. Second, we provide the entrepreneur with analysis, insight (with a dose of reality) and direction for business startups and business turnarounds. Where there are particularly good fits we can also become investors to help provide an equity base.
  3. Third, we provide the entrepreneur and/or their team with business counseling and development services. We can talk through any issue(s) that represent roadblocks or opportunities (and we can teach the how's and whys of the solution at the same time).

Woodstock Georgia Business Developer

Here at (P3) we have three areas of business and they all center around coaching businesses on how to significantly grow cash flow while developing the capabilities of the business and its people.

Our most complicated service revolves around the development of our unique Pivotal Performance Indicators - [a process which identifies a businesses scarcest resource and leverages it with the businesses most effective opportunity - in other words, ] many businesses fall into traps which result in resources becoming scarce while at the same time the business receives less value.

We have over 40 years of experience across all sorts of industries in all sorts of situations and we've made mistakes, stumbled on opportunities but overall we have been very successful.



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